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Issaquah Watershed Project

Find out about fun, educational community service opportunities to protect our waterways.

Watershed GirlSeattle Tilth and the Office of Sustainability at the City of Issaquah are teaming up to help educate residents about preserving the quality of our water.

Find out how you can get involved.

The Problem

When it rains, when we wash our cars or water our lawns, the excess water carries pollutants into the storm drains. The storm drains connect directly to local streams and lakes, ending up in Puget Sound.

Toxins like motor oil, soap, fertilizers and pesticides, and bacteria from human and animal waste are transported into the watershed,  poisoning fish and other marine life. That's why we see beach closings and red tides.

The Solution

The good news is there is a lot that an individual can do to stem this pollution! Seattle Tilth will be working with Issaquah residents in the Cedar and Sammamish watersheds to educate their neighbors about ways they can reduce the amount of toxins being washed  into our streams, lakes and Puget Sound.

By simply using natural landscape products and gardening techniques, scooping pet’s poop, using approved car wash facilities and properly disposing of hazardous waste we can significantly reduce the amount of pollution in our water.

The Watershed Training Project

Drain Buttoning Brigades: Participate in a community service project to label storm drains in Issaquah and learn about watershed health and what you can do to protect our water quality! This is a citywide project. Join the Drain Buttoning Brigades or bring your family or community group out to support healthy watersheds. Small labels or "buttons" will remind people that water entering a storm drain flows to streams, lakes and ultimately Puget Sound. This simple project could help to reduce much of our water pollution, 75% of which comes from human actions. Get involved! Contact

Find out about other great community projects, events and volunteer opportunities in Issaquah.

About Issaquah's Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainabilty in the City of Issaquah works to conserve and protect Issaquah's natural resources for a sustainable community. RCO is collaborating with the business and residential community, other City departments, local organizations, and regional agencies to improve the high quality natural resources in the City of Issaquah's care.


For more information or to schedule an event for your group, contact Mike Gervais,, (206)633-0451.

Partner Support

This work is made possible through support provided by the King Conservation District.Issaquah Office of Sustainabilty

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