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About Just Garden

Just Garden builds subsidized food gardens with individuals and communities with low incomes. We build in back yards, apartment complexes, community centers, schools, transitional housing, houses of worship and others.

Since 2010, Just Garden has built over 140 gardens—feeding more than 2,000 people fresh, local, organic food.


Our gardening and health programs are based on the premise that we can heal ourselves and our communities. By supporting individuals to take control of their food and their health now, we lay a strong foundation of health and wellness for the generations to come. Our strategy is to work in partnership with gardeners to help them gain self-sufficiency and empowerment surrounding their food. The first step is education, then building a garden. This provides a new relationship with food for the entire family and community. Gardeners who choose to take our year-long class are prepared to mentor the next round of gardeners. In this way we are developing a program in which gardeners become educators and activists to empower the next generation of gardeners.

Value of a Garden

In one year, a single raised bed can produce upwards of $200 worth of organic fruits and vegetables!

When food budget choices come to mind we talk about the rule of 3: $3 will get you a hamburger, $3 will get you about two heads of organic lettuce, $3 will buy you a packet of lettuce seeds. That packet of lettuce seed can feed your family for a few months up to an entire growing season.

With 1 in 9 King County residents on food stamps, gardens offer a community solution to a nationwide issue. They offer hope and real sustenance for people struggling to make ends meet.

 “We’ve been struggling a lot here to keep things afloat otherwise, but the garden has provided an incredible source of delight and food as well as sanity keeper for both of us.”-- 2012 gardener.

Team & Garden Bed

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