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Water Smart Program

Find out about free classes and giveaways!

Learn about our local watershed and keeping it healthy through daily actions and sustainable gardening techniques. 

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The Problem: Urban Water Pollution

When it rains or we water our gardens, the excess water carries pollutants into the storm drains. The storm drains connect directly to local streams and lakes, ending up in Puget Sound.

Toxins from our yards, gardens and streets, like fertilizers and pesticides, bacteria from animal waste, motor oil and soap are transported into the watershed. This poisons fish and our marine ecosystem. 

Much of Seattle operates on a dated drainage system that links stormwater and sewage lines. During big storms, storm drains overflow and mix with sewage water, yielding an even more potent pollution cocktail that is deposited directly into our local bodies of water.

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There are Solutions

The good news is that individuals can do a lot to stem this pollution. The garden is a great place to take action! By using sustainable gardening principles, Seattle residents can save money and grow beautiful landscapes while protecting the water we all share. Find out about our organic gardening classes or ask the Garden Hotline your questions.

Get Water Smart! Gardening Workshops with Jessi Bloom

Seattle Tilth is offering free Water Smart educational workshops this spring to encourage practices that improve water health for the whole community. Learn how to manage stormwater runoff while transforming your yard into a beautiful water smart landscape! Join Seattle Tilth and local landscape designer Jessi Bloom for an inspirational and educational workshop, and learn how to plan and construct rain gardens, plant buffers, pervious pavements, green roofs and organic gardens. Conserve water, grow beautiful and edible plants, all while protecting our watershed!

Water Smart Workshops 2014REGISTER NOW!

Seattle Tilth is offering FREE Water Smart workshops -- choose from 8 dates in Seattle and on the Eastside.

Sign up for these dates:
May 20
and June 16

Sign up for these dates:
May 13
, May 19 and June 3

Contact Us

To learn more, email Maren Neldam at or call (206) 633-0451 ext. 109.

Thanks to King Conservation District, the Russell Family Foundation and the Rose Foundation for supporting the Water Smart program.

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