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Garden to Go

Leave the planning to us! Pick up a flat of plants based on a theme pre-selected by our garden experts.

Garden to Go IconLeave the planning to us!

Pick-up a flat of plants pre-selected by our garden experts. If you're short on time or don't take pleasure in browsing the enormous selection of plants at the 2015 May Edible Plant Sale, get a Garden to Go! This is the fastest shopping option. Choose from these themes:

We cannot make any substitutions. If you want to do that, the main sale is best for you! If not all of the plants on the list meet our standards, we might need to make plant replacements. In that case, we'll do our best to find the best match.

Pre-pay below with Paypal and pick up your order at the sale!

Garden - to - Go packs


Go directly to the Gardens to Go tent, choose which ones you'd like, and pay upon arrival. 


Find the Garden to Go tent in the lower field of Meridian Park (4649 Sunnyside Ave. N.), during regular sale hours, Saturday or Sunday (May 2-3), 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

Choose from these options:

Container GardensContainer Garden

The perfect mix for a large container or plant them individually These varieties perform well in pots and include some shorter season choices to allow you a succession of harvest.

Broccoli ‘Purple Peacock’
70 days.  A cross between Green Goliath broccoli and two different kales, its leaves will remind you of Red Russian Kale.  Produces loose florets and after main head is harvested, keep an eye out for reoccurring side shoots.  The leaves also make delicious greens prepared the same way you would prefer kale.

Romaine Lettuce ‘Forellenschluss’


50 days. Open pollinated. Rare Austrian Heirloom. Strikingly beautiful light green leaves with maroon dappling. Its name means trout's back. This loose romaine is mild, sweet, and sumptuous with many flavors in one leaf. Slow to bolt and a Seattle Tilth favorite!

Nasturtium ‘Empress of India’


Beautiful deep red blossoms set off the blue green foliage on this mounding variety of nasturtium. Flowers and leaves are edible and have a peppery watercress flavor. No summer salad or potluck dish should be served without an adornment of these cheery blooms.

Pac Choi "Baby Shuko"

Scallions "Red Baron"

Spinach "Bordeaux"


Arriba! This mix is perfect for the budding culinary salsa creator. Summer time is the best time to start canning and creating exciting food.

Cucumber ‘Lemon’
70-75 days. Open pollinated heirloom. Dating back to the 1890's, this old variety is a favorite among many cool season gardeners. 3-4 foot, semi-bush type plants bear loads of apple-shaped cucumbers with lemon-colored skins. Thin skins and mild, sweet flesh make them a joy to eat whole right from the garden! Best harvested when the size of limes. Hermaphrodite - Flowers contain both male and female reproductive parts, which means abundant yields in the garden!

Gourmet Salad Mix
45-55 days. Open pollinated. A delightful early summer blend of colorful mild greens designed to give you a staggered season of harvest.  Cut as baby greens and fill the salad bowl or divide the plants when you transplant them into the garden.

Pumpkin ‘Small Sugar’
102 days. Open pollinated heirloom. Also known as New England Pie pumpkin. Probably selected out of Connecticut Field pumpkin by early white settlers, the standard pie pumpkin for generations. A robust yielder in good seasons. Ripening continues during curing.

Cherry Tomato ‘Sungold’
65 days. Indeterminate. Wow! Sungold's fruity or tropical flavor is a big hit with everyone who tastes it. Apricot-orange round 1 1/4 in. fruit. 10-20 fruits on grape-like trusses.

Basil ‘Sweet Italian’
Excellent mild flavor with just a hint of anise. Traditional basil used in Italian cooking.  Great all-purpose basil.  Pinch tips to keep plant bushy and to produce the most leaves.

Mint  'Peppermint Candy'
A spreading perennial with mint-flavored leaves. Dense clusters of white flowers in summer. Preferred variety for peppermint flavoring in cooking. Spreads by underground runners and should be planted where it can be contained.

Garden Sorrel
Large-leafed greens have a very sour, lemon flavor.  Delicious in soups and salads, high in vitamin C. Grows well in sun or part shade. Very drought tolerant. An All-Time Kid Favorite!

Also called Sweet Herb of Paraguay, Stevia is probably the sweetest plant in the world.  It contains steviaside, which is 300 times sweeter than sugar without the calories!  Perfect for iced tea, or leaves can be dried, ground, and added to recipes.  Full sun, tender perennial, mulch in winter.

Garden to Go Summer Hits

These hot weather veggies and herbs are perfect choices for a summer grill and a spicy tomato salad. All varieties perform well in the northwest.

Basil ‘Genovese’
Also called Perfumed Basil.  Leaves are small and fine with a strong aroma and potency - perfect for pesto!

Hot Pepper  ‘Fish’
80 days. Open pollinated heirloom. This gorgeous pepper features variegated foliage and bright, striped 2 -3 inch fruit ranging from cream to orange to red. An African-American heirloom that has been grown since the 1870's in the Baltimore and Philadelphia area and was traditionally used in oyster and crab houses. This variety is considered by Slow Food USA to be an endangered member of their "Ark of Taste."

Sweet Pepper ‘Gypsy’
58 days. This speedy variety is much easier to mature than bell types. The 6-7 in. long, tapered, yellow fruit are very thick-walled and sweet. Gypsy's flavor is hard to beat.

Summer Squash ‘Cocozelle’  Zucchini
53 days.  Open pollinated heirloom. This speedy Italian heirloom will be one of the first producers of zucchini in the neighborhood and will give you an edge in cooler season summers.  The flavor of the dark and pale-green striped fruits is also quite sensational—raw, steamed, grilled or roasted.  Harvest the squash blossoms and fry them up, stuffed them with cheese!

Winter Squash 'Acorn’
85-90 days. Open pollinated heirloom. This superbly flavored acorn squash ripens from a cream color to a buff gold—beautiful!  Very productive and a great keeper too; the thick, golden flesh sweetens in storage.

Tomatillo ‘Mexican Strain’
65 days. Open pollinated. At 2 inches, these fruit are larger than most tomatillos.  They are savory and fresh tasting, great for making salsa verde or adding a Mexican flavor to your dishes.  Tomatillos produce tons of fruit on sprawling vines, but don't usually need to be trellised.  Fruits will burst out of husks and fall to the ground when they are ripe.

Cherry Tomato ‘Black Cherry’
65 days. Open pollinated. Indeterminate. Beautiful black cherries, look like large, dusky purple grapes; they have that rich flavor that makes black tomatoes famous. Large vines yield moderately well, but not nearly as prolific as the hybrid cherries. Unique and delicious.

Colorful Tomato ‘Japanese Black Trifele’
75 days. Open pollinated. Determinate. Japanese Black Trifele features an absolutely wonderful flavor that possesses an extraordinary richness and is sweeter than most. Unlike many other black varieties, the tomatoes yielded are blemish free and are not subject to cracking. Black Trifele is one of the very darkest black tomato varieties.

Red Tomato ‘Stupice’
60 days. Open pollinated heirloom. Indeterminate. Cold-tolerant, red, slightly oval, 2 inch fruit grow on vigorous 6' vines. Great flavor for such an early tomato. Bred in the former Czechoslovakia. Stupice is a long-time favorite with Seattle gardeners, you can't go wrong with this one!


Organic Gardening 101

A great selection for the beginning vegetable gardener; these varieties are easy to grow and will produce an abundance of goods for the dinner table.

Basil ‘Genovese’
Also called Perfumed Basil.  Leaves are small and fine with a strong aroma and potency - perfect for pesto!

Cucumber ‘Marketmore 76’
63 days. Open pollinated. 'Marketmore 76' is very popular with organic growers due to its high level of disease resistance.  This dark green slicing variety produces abundant, high quality, uniform fruits about 8 inches long with a wonderful cucumber flavor. This is your classic, all-around cucumber!

Kale ‘Lacinato’
45 days. Open pollinated heirloom. Also called Nero di Toscana, dinosaur kale, black kale, palm kale, and Tuscan kale. One of the most beautiful and tastiest kales to grace any kitchen garden. It is adaptable to a wide temperature range. Its sweet, mild flavor actually improves after a frost.

Romaine Lettuce ‘Rouge d’Hiver’
60 days. Open pollinated. A French heirloom from the 1880's, this red romaine shows off more auburn colors when the weather is chilly.  Produces compact 10-12 inch heads that are reddish brown on the outside and green towards the center.

Scallions ‘Evergreen Bunching’
75 days. Open pollinated heirloom. Bunching onions do not produce bulbs.  Instead, harvest them while young for fresh green tops and tender, milder white bottoms.  Also called scallions, bunching onions are easy to grow and give a nice bit of onion flavor to salads, soups and other dishes early in the season.

Spinach ‘Space’
40-50 days. This smooth leaf, slightly curled spinach is slow to bolt and is incredibly delicious fresh or cooked.  The upright growth produces deep-dark green leaves. It is recommended for spring, summer, and fall.

Summer Squash ‘Black Beauty’ Zucchini
60 days.  Introduced as an "All American Selection" in 1957.  It has deep greenish-black fruits with creamy white flesh. Plant is compact.  This prolific grower will keep you well supplied with fresh squash all season long.

Cherry Tomato ‘Isis Candy’
65-70 days. Open pollinated heirloom. Indeterminate.  Deliciously sweet and fruity, this rich tasting cherry tomato combines gold and red to produce a beautiful 1” marbled fruit with a cat’s eye on each blossom end.  A really early and heavy producer as well!

Red Tomato ‘Crimson Sprinter’
65 days. Semi-determinate. Brilliant candy-apple red color and strong performance in cool conditions for early season harvests. Medium-sized 5-7 oz fruits are abundant and ripen nicely on the vine. Developed by Professor T. Graham of OAC, Ontario. Crimson Sprinter is the earliest maturing cultivar to carry the famous 'crimson gene' with notably high lycopene content.

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