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Tilth Conference: Farm Business Management Workshops

Tilth Conference: The Future Is Abundant

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Farm Business Management Workshops

Facilitated Farmer to Farmer Exchange: Tools for Farm Business Management

  • Tanya Murray, Oregon Tilth
  • Are you curious about what tools other farmers are using for whole farm accounting? Do you have a process in place for determining costs of production that you'd like to share? Could you use some tips about how to budget for replacing farm equipment and other farm assets? This workshop will be a facilitated farmer to farmer exchange focused on sharing tools and systems for managing your farm business. Come prepared to participate in the conversation and learn from your farming peers.

How to Survive your Success: Realistic and Useful Business Planning for Building Capacity and Growth

  • Paul McClellan, Corvus NW
  • When business grows they may be succeeding in the sense of increasing volume or gross income—but without good financial visibility and planning, scaling up and building capacity are fraught with problems and pitfalls. Process complexity, business velocity, organizational change, reduced margins, sales-production coordination, and cash-flow projections are just a few of the challenges that can be addressed with the proper tools and preparation. We will provide rules of thumb, a business planning checklist, introduce habits for good financial visibility, and guide hands-on work with a business modeling worksheet to test growth assumptions for a given sales program. Attendees will learn the elements and tools necessary to make effective, usable, and realistic business plans.
  • Workshop Outline
    • Planning Essentials: clear, measurable goals and unambiguous non-negotiables
    • Financial Literacy and Visibility: key concepts, P&L analysis, and cash projections
    • Business Modeling: avoiding “Procrustean Plans” and hidden subsidy
    • Capacity Planning: the dynamic link between Sales and Production
    • Distribution & Production Scaling: indirect channel costs, investment & cash flow
    • Product/Channel Mix: contribution margin, latent potential, and market penetration
    • Building Sales Programs: core program identification, sales budgets, sales roles
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