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Tilth Conference Workshops: Sustainable Systems I

Tilth Conference: The Future Is Abundant

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Workshops: Sustainable Systems I

Practical Applications of Soil Health Research

  • Laura Ridenour, Organic Farming Research Foundation
  • Are you looking for the latest information on cultivating healthy, living soil? This workshop on the information in the Soil Health and Organic Farming, a series of educational guides recently published by the Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF), will review the most recent research on different practices that build soil health—such as cover cropping, tillage strategies, and the use of soil amendments. This workshop will also provide an overview of the recommendations in the National Organic Research Agenda report including findings from more than 2,000 organic and transitioning farmers. This presentation will provide practical guidelines for growers, in-depth analysis of existing research, and participants will contribute to the discussion.

New Directions for Cover Crop Management in Reduced Tillage Organic Agriculture

  • Doug Collins, Washington State University
  • Systems that reduce frequency and intensity of soil disturbance during organic vegetable production can improve soil quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Strip till and no‐till are being compared to full till in the production of winter squash, broccoli, and beans. Cover crops are grown and terminated to leave a thick weed‐suppressing mulch on the soil surface. This presentation will cover recent research in reduced tillage organic agriculture and highlight two new directions for cover crop management. Precision planting of cover crops mixtures for strip tillage is being explored as a method to target nitrogen placement near cash crops and reduce residue in the planting strip. Continuous reduced tillage organic agriculture is implemented with high-residue cultivation and a minimum-tillage drill.
Nutrient Management for Sustainable Vegetable Cropping Systems in the Maritime
  • Dan Sullivan, Oregon State University
  • [Description coming soon]
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