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Tilth Conference Workshops: Tips & Tools for Improved Production II

Tilth Conference: The Future Is Abundant

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Workshops: Tips & Tools for Improved Production II

Planning a Compact Farm

  • Josh Volk, Slowhand Farm
  • This workshop lays out all of the components of a comprehensive plan for a compact, productive and successful farm. Based on Josh’s decades of personal experience and the farms he’s visited and researched around world, we’ll go through the elements every small farm needs to address to make their farm sustainable economically, environmentally and equitably.

Conducting On-Farm Trials and Regional Variety Selection– a Seed Company Perspective

  • Shaina Bronstein, Vitalis Organic Seeds
  • In this session we will discuss the hows and whys of regional vegetable variety trials. The talk will highlight why regional trials are important to both farmers and seed companies and how to conduct successful on-farm trials with meaningful results. Pacific Northwest representative for Vitalis Organic Seeds, Shaina Bronstein, will share the perspective of a professional seed company on running regional trials and how that translates to new organic varieties. The session will highlight the unique varietal needs for organic production and how to best evaluate those traits. Shaina will provide a practical outline for how to run effective on-farm seed trials. Information will be presented on the main aspects of creating and implementing trials on your farm and how to personalize them to fit your needs. Topics will include identifying your objectives, trial design and implementation, and the top 5 ways to succeed with your trials. An overview of seed sources and how to select what to include will be discussed. We will also review tips for evaluation and how to learn the most from your on-farm trial.

The Difference a Good Liming and Calcium Nutrition Program can make in Organic Cropping Systems

  • Gudrun Mahrt, Columbia River Carbonates
  • We know liming to be an age-old farming practice for naturally acidic soils.  Today, a sensible liming program adds more value to your bottom line through precise application and results are improved and more predictable when liming and calcium nutrition is done at the right time, right amount, and right place. This presentation includes examples and photos from many years of liming studies, crop response, and a variety of application methods to fit any farming operation or vegetable gardening practice.

Pollination, Increased Produce Yield and Organic Labeling

  • Dave Hunter, Crown Bees
  • Hear some surprising truths that will alter your knowledge of how your crops are pollinated. Crown Bees, through teaming with researchers, conducting root cause analysis, and working with organic and conventional farms, has learned much about how pollination occurs.  Your choice of bees matters to your organic labeling and increased food production. Learn why!


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